Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: A Matter of Definition

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Relief under Chapter 13 is available only to individuals with regular income whose debts do not exceed prescribed limits. If the debtor is an individual or a sole proprietor, the debtor is allowed to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to repay all or part of the debts. Secured creditors may be entitled to greater payment than unsecured creditors.

Money Credit and Debt Bankruptcy Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Overview. The purpose of Chapter 12 can be inferred from its official title-Chapter 12: Adjustments of Debts of a Family Farmer with regular annual income.chapter 12 was added to the Bankruptcy Code as an emergency act in 1986 to provide greater relief to family farmers than was being provided by Chapter 11.

No matter which type of bankruptcy you file, it’s never easy having to go through one. A Chapter 7 means there’s a chance you could lose your home or car, and a Chapter 13 means it’s going to take.

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Is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy the Best Option? The U.S. Bankruptcy Code specifies five different bankruptcy types: chapter 7, chapter 13, chapter 11, chapter 9, and chapter 12. Each type is intended for specific circumstances, depending on whether the bankruptcy is filed by a person or a business, and the value of their assets, earning capacity, and the debt-to-income burden.

But this is just an overview. So, that’s Chapter 7, straight up bankruptcy. I have, I don’t have what it takes to keep servicing my debt, I want a brand new start. Now, the next one or the next one that you’re going to be most, you’re going to hear the most about, in the context of a personal bankruptcy, is Chapter 13, Chapter 13.

UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT . DISTRICT OF CONNECTICUT. CONTESTED MATTER PROCEDURE . Revised April 20, 2016* Unless otherwise provided by applicable statute or rule, or unless otherwise ordered, this Contested Matter Procedure shall govern all Contested Matters as defined by Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9014.

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a financial reorganization plan that protects the debtor from collection action during the case and discharges nearly all remaining balances at the end. The discharge in Chapter 13 covers some debts that cannot be discharged in Chapter 7.

Chapter 13 refers to a U.S. bankruptcy proceeding in which the debtor undertakes a reorganization of his or her finances under the supervision and approval of the courts.