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New York Bankruptcy Lawyer | New York Debt Relief Attorney – NEW YORK BANKRUPTCY LAWYER. The Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC is a debt relief law firm based in New York City that provides assistance to people struggling with defaulted credit cards, medical debt, student loans, auto-repossessions, and other unsecured debt. Our attorneys can help you determine whether you may qualify to discharge your debts by filing for bankruptcy protection, or if.

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What is Priority Debt? | Brooklyn Bankruptcy Lawyer – Priority These types of debts are deemed important enough by the federal government to be moved to the top of the list for repayment. They are considered unsecured in terminology only as they must be paid regardless of a bankruptcy. This classification will consist of: student loans. alimony. child support. Some tax obligations. Criminal fines.

The Major Potential Impact of a Corporate Tax Overhaul – Moreover, because interest payments on debt are tax-deductible, the current system makes it appealing to take on as much debt as possible, even though that can increase the risk of bankruptcy when..

Glenn S. Kessler – Bankruptcy Lawyer, Brooklyn, NY – The Law Offices of Glenn S. Kessler are located in Brooklyn, New York and serve clients throughout the five boroughs, including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx, as well as in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island.. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Bronx | Bankruptcy lawyer – Mr. Gursoy has successfully represented hundreds of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy clients during his many years of practice. Due to his representation, his clients have been free of their credit card debt and have been able to get a fresh start, while at the same time keeping their home, car and salary! read more..

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer – Filing Business Bankruptcy In. – If you are a New York business and are considering filing business bankruptcy, call 718-858-9600 or contact chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer ms. Blumenfeld electronically to schedule your free, 30 minute, no obligation initial consultation. providing bankruptcy advice in: New York City Brooklyn . We are a debt relief agency.

New York State Bankruptcy Laws – – New York law protects all or a portion of your property from being seized by creditors or the bankruptcy trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are generally allowed to keep all of your assets and property. Certain exceptions may apply, so it’s. Continue reading "New York State Bankruptcy Laws"