London Riots?

Media captionJournalist Paraic O’Brien told bbc radio 5 live that he saw up to 200 youths charging at riot police Police have condemned a wave of "copycat criminal activity" across London in a.

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Looters rampage through a convenience store in Hackney, east London. In the summer of 2011, rioting and looting spread across Britain. During five days of violence, hooded youths set buildings and cars ablaze, smashed shop windows and hurled bottles and stones at police, in.

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“One day I think I love her then I think I want to kill her.” E.V. The london band huggy bear was proof that riot grrrl could leap not just from one American coast to the other, but across the.

Join the riots as they sweep through London causing fear and destruction in their paths. Loot shops, burn cars and escape from the police to beat each level!

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London and UK riots: live Rolling coverage of the aftermath of the riots and looting, as police angrily reject criticism from the government, and hundreds more accused appear in court.

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The following is a list of riots and protests involving violent disorder that have occurred in London:

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