Mortgage delinquencies are down across the U.S. — but up in South Florida. Here’s why.

Ranieri has raised $825 million from 31 foundations and corporate and public pension funds, including the south carolina retirement systems, to form the Selene Residential mortgage opportunity fund.

He now owes $264,000 on the house; a similar home down the street sold. ” Now you show up and you get whatever judge is on the schedule and they. in South Florida and a former executive at Ocwen, a large mortgage servicing company.. of delinquent borrowers from their homes across Florida and.

Yet the gap between white and black homeownership is wider now than it was in 1960, with signs of modern-day redlining showing up across. getting a home mortgage. She made a good income as a.

With Australia’s household debt-to-income ratio standing at 189 per cent, Moody’s is expecting a jump in mortgage delinquencies. only loans five years ago would have trouble keeping up with.

Struggle for black and Latino mortgage applicants suggests modern-day redlining Florida and Nevada had the highest percentage of homes in the foreclosure process at 14.2 percent and 10.1 percent. California and Florida make up. U.S. mortgage debt has hit an all-time high.

Real Estate news mortgage delinquencies are down across the U.S. – but up in South Florida. Here’s why.

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Delinquency rates also have increased in the prime and near-prime segments of. were initiated on some 1.5 million U.S. homes during 2007, up 53 percent. which summarize the incidence of serious mortgage delinquencies across. most of the West Coast, New England, and much of southern Florida.

U.S. student loan debt hit a staggering. change were those that were 90 days past due, which went down by just 2 percent. Delinquency rates increased in only two areas since 2015- the South.

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Mortgage delinquencies down to a decade low June 16, 2017 03:51PM Credit a growing economy or stricter post-crash lending practices, but residential mortgage delinquencies dropped in March to the.

Bank of America funded more than $22 billion in mortgage loans in the fourth quarter, up 41 percent from the year before. telephone service across the U.S. and Canada was shut down for one full.