Requiring Approval of All Insureds and Mortgagees To Assign Policy Upheld by Florida Court

Last month, the Florida Court of Appeals for the Fourth District weakened assignment-of-benefits claims after it held that an insurer may require all insureds and mortgagees to provide written consent prior to executing an assignment of benefits agreement. In Restoration 1 of Port St. Lucie v.

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Id. at 1157. That order upheld OIR’s disapproval of Security First’s request to amend its policy language in the same fashion as the instant case, "restrict[ing] the ability of policyholders to assign post-loss benefits absent the consent of all insureds, all additional insureds, and all mortgagees named in 3 their policies." Id. at.

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a declaratory judgment determining that a clause requiring the signatures of all insureds and mortgagees for an assignment contravened Florida public policy. ark royal moved to dismiss, arguingthe assignment was invalid pursuant to Ark Royal’s insurance policy agreement with the insureds. Restoration 1 filed a

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