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The Lockheed L-049 Constellation was the first model of the Lockheed Constellation aircraft line. It entered service as the C-69 military transport aircraft during World War II for the united states army air Forces and was the first civilian version after the war. When production ended in 1946 it was replaced by the improved L-649 and L-749 Constellation.

The Pentagon said it also awarded the company’s Sunnyvale, California, Space Systems unit a $1.93 billion contract for the final two Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellites in a.

The word constellation comes from Latin: con-, meaning together and stella-meaning stars. Some examples of constellations are Ursa Major, Orion, and Andromeda. There are only 88 constellations discovered so far by astronomers. People used constellations to tell the difference in the colors. Constellations were also used to group stars.

Stargazer identifies star alleles from NGS data by detecting single nucleotide variants, insertion-deletion variants. to the NGS data of 32 ethnically diverse hapmap trios that were genotyped by.

The majestic, elegant lines of the Lockheed Constellation, and its more advanced derivative, the L-1049 Super Constellation (known respectively as "Connie" and "Super Connie"), were a sight to. the.

The two satellites launched on Friday form the Canadian part of the constellation. later versions were equipped to carry up to ten multiple independently-targetable reentry vehicles (mirvs), each.

Some that did had a sub variant designation "-A", "-B" and so on. Quite a few of these sub variants also failed to go into production. Thus, the major civilian Constellation models read: 49, 649, 749A, 1049, 1049C, 1049G, 1049H and 1649A. The models 1049 were officially known as the "Super Constellation", and the 1649A as the "Starliner".

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Among those were eight US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM. technology development and demonstration effort to explore the viability of using a CubeSat constellation to meet existing Special.

The Constellation-class was a type of Federation cruiser in service to Starfleet in the 23rd and 24th centuries. This class was designed for operating independently of Starfleet Command in the remote reaches of the Federation. The class’ successor design were the ambassador-class heavy cruisers.